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Following the road to the White House between McCain and Obama is reminiscent of the boxing matches of old.  For weeks before the “main event”, there would be specials following the fighters.  That was when you didn’t have to have cable and you could watch Sugar Ray and Tommy Hearns go at it on ABC.  You could depend on Howard Cosell to lend his incendiary remarks that made the feud between him and Ali bigger than some of the fights.  The media would keep the spirit of the fight up with sharing the intimidating rhetoric hurled from one boxer’s camp to the other.  Then, the infamous weigh in’s that would result in a battle of words, especially if Don King was nearby (which he normally was).  Or even a fight if Mike Tyson was involved.

But now,  that time has passed and we’ve replaced them with the elections.  These have to be the most exciting election times ever.  Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann being McCain’s nemesis and/or Howard Cosell, if you will.  McCain and Obama hurling mud back and forth at one another.  The entertainment world has totally embraced Obama with a different music video/anthem for him once a month.  Not to mention the infamous, yet priceless SNL skits of Sarah Palin.  What you are preparing to see will sum up the election season we’ve experienced in one video.  Check it out and don’t be afraid to throw your head back in laughter.  Right now…we need it:

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