There’s A New Sheriff In Town


 Every major metropolis’ sheriff in the nation is under pressure to up their political ante to the level of Cook County’s Sheriff Dart.  He has taken a stance in these tumultuous economic times that makes him the best candidate for President.  Talk about being on the side of the people, he refused to continue to serve evictions to renters who are paying their rent to a landlord who isn’t paying the mortgage.  He thoroughly explains in an eloquent statement through the Chicago Sun-Times his reasons for suspending evictions. He is looking jail time in the face by his actions, yet he’s still willing to hold his ground.   Take notes Detroit! Baltimore! New York! Los Angeles! St. Louis! Atlanta!  He’s calling you out.  It’s time for a change.   Obama has told us he can’t do it alone.  Sheriff Dart is a true Obama supporter.

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