John Legend Says “Show Me” In Africa


  John Legend visited Africa last year and had a life changing experience.  He witnessed an impoverished community in Tanzania producing entrepreneurs.  They are not waiting to be rescued from poverty and John Legend started the “Show Me” Campaign to support them.  But one woman in particular moved him.  She started the entrepreneurial “collective” and is intent on building her community.  Legend is making sure that her crusade does not end.  Read all about his effort here.

2 thoughts on “John Legend Says “Show Me” In Africa”

  1. I do not want what I say next to appear cruel, but our children and communities need assistance right here in the US. It is cool to do out reach, but lets get home right first. Just a pet peeve of mine.

  2. Hoorah for John Legend. Wherever you can sow seeds of encouragement and self-sufficiency, God Bless. Legend’s efforts in Africa can have a backflow to depressed areas here in America. It can work across oceans and the diaspora.

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