7-Year Old Goes On Killing Spree


In Australia, a 7-year old was unstoppable in a 30-minute torture and killing spree.  He smashed and even fed some of his victims to an 11ft. alligator.  These victims were the live animals in an “outback zoo” in Sydney.  Where were the parents?  How did this kid get loose to commit such mayhem in a little boy’s paradise of animals?  What kind of activities are his parents involved in exactly?  There’s a lot of questions that will be answered in a lawsuit between the zoo and the parents.  Someone needs to get this kid some hours in front of a therapist.  There’s something a little more than twisted about a kid his age being capable of such a crime.  Read the details here.

3 thoughts on “7-Year Old Goes On Killing Spree”

  1. Isn’t this the first sign of a serial killer? Yeah, this kid need to be in a padded room now before other kids start to go missing. Then adults ……

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