Holy Mackerel! Inmates Gotta Have It


Maybe the U.S. government should turn to the incarcerated to find out how to get us out of this financial crisis.  They are progressive when it comes to bartering and understanding the dollar and its worth.  They can honestly say, “Your money’s no good here!” and mean it because they’re not allowed to have money on them.  According to the Wall Street Journal, smoking has also been banned in the prisons, so some wiseguy thought of an ingenious way to pay for things.   So now, instead of getting packs of cigarettes for favors,  the inmates are bartering with Mackerel.  One guy even defended his cell mate in divorce court and how did he pay for his services?…Mackerel!  For some reason, Mackerel’s become a hot commodity behind the prison walls and the correctional officers don’t like it.  If you’re caught with the “stuff” on you, you could go to the “hole”…and they don’t mean the fishing hole.  There’s  a lot of interesting stories to tell about the “mack” transactions, even one that includes a professor that was released from La Tuna with a slew of fishy offenses.  Get caught up on the prison markets here.  They won’t be needing a bailout unless the fishing industry goes belly up.

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