Convicted Felons Get A Vote


 There are literally thousands of convicted felons and ex-convicts that have no clue that they have voting rights.  The even more interesting thing is that no one is telling them.  Did someone say Juneteenth?  There’s community organizers and civil rights organizations beating the pavement and presenting literature to senators on behalf of those who have paid their dues to society and looking for a way to make a difference. 

The New York Times reported that the disenfranchised ex-offenders are overwhelmingly Democrat.  This would be a strong advantage for the Obama camp, but there’s a delicate line of diplomacy that the candidate must dance.  He has had to disown his preachers, his friends, past pets…  OK, just joking there, but you get the point.  If he, the first black Presidential candidate, embraces ex-offenders it may not be helpful to his campaign at all.  

Many of those who have been incarcerated see their reintroduction into society as useless and desperate.  No jobs, no votes, no love.  Well, we’re going to do our part and enlighten those who need to know their “status.”  Read here to find out about the latest advancements on the fight …. for the right…. to vote!

2 thoughts on “Convicted Felons Get A Vote”

  1. THANK YOU JB!!! This has been an issue that has bothered me for years. How can ex-offenders, that have paid their debt, truly reinvent themselves as an active citizen if they don’t have the right to vote????

    This is surely something that has to be a “grassroots” type of campaign. If you let Ray-Ray an nem know about this one… I’m sure the word will get out. I’ll do my part to spread this encouraging news.

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