McCain Vetted By Media


John McCain has always looked at himself as a true patriot.  A legacy bore by him and his forefathers in U.S. military history.  But that legacy has to be divided by another not so gratifying detail of his family’s history.  During his campaign in 2000, enlightened the candidate with his family’s legacy of slave ownership.  The candidate seemed quite amazed by the new information, even calling it “logical.”  He is 72-years old, translation: born in 1936.  His elders were not that far removed from the institution of slavery.  Isn’t it amazing that he didn’t have such information.  He said he knew his family had sharecroppers on their “plantation”, but not slaves.  (Don’t laugh.)  And even while not having this little bit of information, he still managed, in 1983, to vote against the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in Arizona.  See all the “amazing” facts here.

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