Is McCain Running Scared?


 Have you seen children in elementary school getting ready to fight?  It all ends with, “I’ll see you after school at 3 o’clock!”  Now one is confident that he’s going to mop the floor with the other kid, but the other one is sweating bullets and watching the clock until the big throwdown.  The scared one often finds an alternate route out of the school or just simply runs like hell as soon as school lets out.  But, they always return with a magnificent excuse on why they didn’t show up.  Well, let’s just say it appears that McCain is playing the role of the scared one right now.  Or is he really the martyr that he portrays?  The war hero and prisoner of war that adopted a minority is looking to D.C. now for an excuse to not attend the debates. 

He’s going to make the ultimate sacrifice and throw himself on our economic grenade and spare everyone else.  He’s adamant about finding a way to solve America’s financial dilemma even if he has to suspend his election to do so…and by the way he asks that they postpone the debate between him and Obama until he finishes his crusade.  Well, Obama believes that a candidate for President of the United States should be able to chew bubble gum and walk at the same time and gives McCain a resounding “Hell no!  We’re doing this now McCain!” (a loose translation)  The debate commission agrees with Obama though.  Read here to see the next episode on our superhero.

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