Mortgage Rescuers Prey On Families


Everyone should realize at this point that we are in the most serious economical crisis this country has faced since the Great Depression.  If you are not aware, don’t let the more informed, deliver the bad news through a proposal of bailout via a mortgage “loan” that involves you signing over the deed “temporarily.”  Some of us have fallen into a predicament that is so urgent that these predators’ empty promises of “your house for cash” sounds more than good.  Ultimately, the homeowner won’t lose their home to the bank, but to a swindler that has guaranteed your home’s safety and money to pay other bills.  MSNBC even reports about a former stripper that was able to cipher 35 million out of residents in the D.C. area through a similar scam that stripped homeowners of the equity they had in their homes.  For a guide to all the tricks that are victimizing those in risk of foreclosure or just in debt, read the report here so that you can be ready for them.

2 thoughts on “Mortgage Rescuers Prey On Families”

  1. Good, sad story on the sad reality of shady people. We are all under such economic pressure that even the wisest of us have fallen to the all to often obvious scam. I pray that someone is able to reverse this case and perhaps the family has to lose the equity, but not their home. I don’t want to believe that the down turn in the economy automatically translates to the down turn of humanity as well as ethics!

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