Alaska Shows Palin How They Really Feel


 CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and no other media outlet is celebrating, oops, reporting the “Alaska Women Reject Palin” demonstration that the people of Anchorage, AK, put together.  Daily Kos has shared the event, pics and video of the entire demonstration.  They reported that the gathering was put together by a couple of women.  A right wing radio show host took their numbers from a press release regarding the rally and they received harassing calls for the rest of the afternoon.  In fact, there were several others that tried to sabotage the day’s event, but to no avail, they had a successful turnout of nearly 1,500 which several reported as one of the biggest, if not biggest, events in Anchorage history.  They even have a rockin’ number by Cyndi Lauper called “Shine” that is a musical video essay of the day.   Get a little of the momentum below and peruse the site for all the details.

7 thoughts on “Alaska Shows Palin How They Really Feel”

  1. Thank goodness another point of view is being publicized about Palin other than she brings out big crowds for McCain.

    I was thinking where are the progressive women who support choice and believe in peace and justice. Where are their voices since the media is only interested in the so called undecided and possible women who supported Hillary and may now think about Palin as an option.

    That in itself is insane as she is diametrically opposed to most of the ideas that Clinton espouses. Do they think women are that stupid!!!!!

    I guess you would think so if you listen to the ones they put on the talk shows. Good article, I hope more “undecided” or democratic women who may defect to the republican side see the clip and remember what is at stake.


  2. I am glad people get a chance to see how Alaska feels about her views. This article is very up front and demonstrates how mainstream media is sooooooooooo one sided. I agree with Rhonda’s comment; I hope some undecided voters…decide…OBAMA 2008!

  3. It’s soo sad to see how the Republican Party has to hang their hat on the VICE PRESIDENTIAL nominee. WE DON’T VOTE FOR VICE-PRESIDENTS! McCain is such a bad candidate that they have to tote “eye-candy” around.

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s yet another example of how WEAK this ticket really is… The bigger question is… WHY AREN’T MORE MEDIA OUTLETS COVERING THIS STORY??? Where is the Democratic PR folks blasting this story???

  4. Thank goodness for real press. Everything ISN’T coming up roses with Palin after all. I hadn’t heard anything about her negative appeal at home. Just a few stories about a suspected underhanded shake down. Interesting.

  5. Plackards with clever words that spread messages of genuine concerns about our possible next President are applauded. Let’s get out and vote intelligently and meaningfully. The future of mankind on this planet is the focal point….because we live in a country that is despised for is power and pushy attitude. After you vote, please make time for prayer.

  6. Good Stuff!
    I’m losing sleep thinking of the possibility of this woman positioning herself in the white house. THANK GOODNESS the folks of Alaska are finally speaking out. I knew it was something cynical about this woman. “Steam”

  7. Sara Palin is the perfect example of Lip Stick On a Pig. She’s a pretty face sent out to sell us on re-electing the ugliest, blood thirsty, money sucking lie cheating bunch of white supremacist the world has known. The astonishing part is close to 50% of the American electorate is buying it.

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