Texting Caused Train Wreck?


 Last week, we saw a horrific train wreck outside Los Angeles where 25 people were killed, including the conductor of the Metrolink commuter train when it collided with a Union Pacific freight train.  The National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that stop lights were working properly and the brakes were not applied during the incident.  Was someone distracted?  So far, investigators have established that the conductor had been texting while on the job, but they are not sure if it was just prior to the accident.  Some very serious accidents have occurred because of the texting epidemic.  Teenagers killed in car accidents, a man texting in Utah killed two other men.  Some states prohibit the use of a cell phone without a headset, but what do you do about texting?  The Salt Lake Tribune reported that approximately a dozen states are trying to ban text messaging behind the wheel.  Read all about the investigation here.

2 thoughts on “Texting Caused Train Wreck?”

  1. You know, text messaging is part of the zoom-a- zoom pace at which most people are communicating these days. And it has gotten out of hand. I can speak because I refuse to allow myself to get so carried away with it all.

    Cellular phone usage has been proven to be a hazrard whether a person is driving or walking – text messaging it doubly hazardous.

    Perhaps people will be enlightened by this tragedy, and slow their roll when it comes getting so carried away with all the over use of cell phones, and text messaging. There is a saying “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Please people, let’s put this thing in check.

    Whether or not it is found that this train accident was caused by wreckless behavior, may the souls of those who lost their lives be one with the light of the cosmos.


  2. Texting while driving???? That’s nuts. I may understand it while waiting at a light or stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. But texting while the car is actually moving????

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