Foreclosures Strip Voting Rights In Michigan


 The Republicans in Michigan are showing the ol’ horns.  Since ol’ man McCain put his hand in a hat and pulled out Palin, they decided he might need some help.  But this form of voter intimidation will never fly.  Allegedly, Macomb County GOP officials in Michigan are trying to block voting rights for those who have lost their homes to foreclosure.  Are they serious?  Do the republicans of Michigan really want its residents to be subjected to a credit check at the polls?  So far, they are denying the allegations, but Obama’s camp has taken it quite seriously.  See how serious here.

2 thoughts on “Foreclosures Strip Voting Rights In Michigan”

  1. Repub. will do anything to stop Demcr. from wining. Those big dummbys. That’s awful!!!

    Can you get spell checker on here for me?

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