Over 6,000 Chinese Children Poisoned


China has been experiencing severe problems on their markets recently.  In the U.S., we started paying attention to everything stamped “made in china” because we had knowledge of tainted goods being imported from the country.  But now, China faces an internal epidemic of the nation’s powdered milk being poisoned with a chemical used in plastics and fertilizers.  Three children have already succumbed to the dry milk product and many have had complete renal failure.  Several have been fired, one even arrested.   But, it says something about the greed in the world, not just the U.S.  Someone out there wanted to sell spoiled milk and tampered with it to reap the profits.  Where do you draw the line China?  First it’s the toys, now it’s the milk!  Read the details here.  But, continue to read those labels.  Unfortunately, if you were one of those who checked for the “made in china” sticker, you realize we are surrounded by their goods.

2 thoughts on “Over 6,000 Chinese Children Poisoned”

  1. Now they see how Americans felt when their children got sick and died from all their lead and stuff.

  2. this is ridiculous. they are so busy trying to keep costs low and sell more – they are poisoning babies – and in their OWN COUNTRY.
    this is crazy.
    They just don’t care.

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