Forget Obama and McCain…Vote Dalton Sherman!

You are getting ready to see one of the most inspirational speeches of your lifetime.  The mere presence and delivery of this young man will both warm your heart and bring you to your feet.  If you can watch this every morning before you start your day, whatever your day may entail, this young man will encourage you.  Dalton Sherman is a fifth grader, representing Charles Rice Learning Center, who delivered the back to school convocation speech for the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), August 20.  He is reportedly scheduled to appear on Ellen Degeneres’ show on September 18.  She will probably have him recite the prepared speech that he gave to the faculty and students of Dallas numbering nearly “20,000.”  He prepared all summer in order to be able to memorize and recite this speech for this date.  The speech was prepared for him by the DISD staff and he could not have done a better job if he were Obama himself.  But, I’m sure he has aspirations far reaching than the presidency of the U.S.   He, as he says, can do anything.  And by the time you have finished listening to this speech, you will believe he can too.  This young man in what he does with this speech, speaks volumes to the capability of our children given the proper dedication and support of the “village”.  Prepare to be inspired:

6 thoughts on “Forget Obama and McCain…Vote Dalton Sherman!”

  1. Immediately, I pulled out my Sly and the Family Stone album/CD to listen to: “Stand” and “Everybody Is A Star.”

    Our ancestors are definately rejoicing in the light because of young Dalton. I pray that his spirit of positive energy, and determination are contagious among his peers and elders.

    JB, you know how to shine a light in dim places. Thanks for the work you do, and for sharing.


  2. Extraordinary is the word best to describe this young gifted child. As I witnessed and was moved by his speech, I saw his great future. We have yet another great African American Man in the makings. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to support and raise my own talented 4th grader as his parents have done for him.


  3. I am very impressed. Someone should track this young man to see what success he becomes as a yung adult.

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