Quit Callin’ Me Rudy!


 Rudy…oops! Keshia Knight Pulliam, has made strides to define herself outside of her beloved Cosby Show role.  Now at 29, she’s carving a new role in television stardom with the new big man of TV and film, Mr. Tyler Perry.  She’s now on board with TBS’s top-rated sitcom “House Of Payne”.  On the show, she’s introducing herself to a new generation of viewers as Miranda.  In this week’s Jet magazine you can read her interview where she talks about her enthusiasm over the role. “It’s wonderful to work with someone like Tyler Perry who is an innovator in everything he’s done,” said Pulliam. “Being such a highly acclaimed show, it was a perfect fit.” 
Also, in the Jet interview, she gives us the skinny on another role she’ll take on with Tyler Perry early next year in “Madea Goes to Jail”.  She discusses her attraction to the role of a troubled prostitute named Candy.  “I was so excited to play this role. It’s so ‘out the box’ from anything that anyone has seen of me,” she said. “I know people will be shocked because they grew up with me as a child.” (p. 28) 


2 thoughts on “Quit Callin’ Me Rudy!”

  1. RUDY! RUDY ! RUDY has grown up.. She will get over it.. we still call Todd Bridges Willis too.. it’s okay…Regine is Tootie.. I mean Kim Fields ..well you get it.. I would consider it a compliment.. I’d rather be known as Rudy than Lenny Kravitz wife.. LOL..

  2. Rudy is alllll right… Parents still call their grown kids, kids too.

    Yep it’s OK!!! Just wait till it happens to you and you get older. You will be doing the same things. Just like the rest of us that said I’m not going to do that to my kids, or those kids. Then find yourself doing it. Ohh My…

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