U.S. Government Partying With Gas Money


 Well, well, well…it all makes sense now.  The global edition of the New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, reported yesterday that Congress was steaming mad, as we all should be, as the inspector general for the Interior Department blew the lid off of unethical practices, conflicts of interest and essentially P. Diddy partying off of our hard earned gas and oil money within his department.  If you don’t know, the Interior Department collects royalties off of gas and oil.  The Tribune also reports that the division of the Interior responsible for all of the partying is the Minerals Management Service which “collects about $10 billion in royalties annually and is one of the government’s largest sources of revenue other than taxes.” Now isn’t that a blip?  They’ve parlayed significant gas and oil transactions into cocaine and sex, sporting events and maybe even “bling” (but the “bling” has yet to be confirmed).  Getting mad yet?  Wait!  The major culprits in this scandal are retired, so they have escaped punishment.  Both made their exit while the investigation was pending.  Sound like a pack of gangsters you know?  Well, our government appears to have put the “g” in gangster.  Hip Hop boys…you don’t have a thing on this crew in the Bush administration.  Take your first Gangster 101 online course here.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Government Partying With Gas Money”

  1. You are so right again. I work with the hip hop gangsters and some times I just want to tell them please watch the President, Congress, House of Representatives and Senators to see how a real Ganster should act. They are the worst ones and they call it the law.

  2. Loving the comment Nicole, If our people in the public eye with a voice to be heard would actually take a proactive, intrest in making our society aware of the power we actually carry we would be able to actually change somethings. Stop listening to the MEDIA in the context in which they intended it to be heard and start collecting information from all venues especially ones like this that allows the People to Speak.
    Hey how about this instead of letting the Government Play with our money, how about if we the Public get a check everytime they write one ! Give Me Some relief !

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