Scientists around the world wait with bated breath as their multi-billion dollar particle blasting machine gives them a glimpse into the beginning of mankind.  A lot of scientists believe that the world was created by a series of expansions in the universe due to high and cool temperatures called “The Big Bang” theory.  Now that the machine is complete, they have the technology to research matter and particle structures and how they work unlike any telescope or microscope before.  This whole thing sounds like a bad episode of Pinky and the Brain. The job seems to be to discount God and set up their own universe when they destroy this one.  Because when they start messing around in God’s universe and open up a massive black hole, who but God will get us all out of that one?  Read all about the seemingly sinister machine here. 

4 thoughts on “IT’S ALIVE!”

  1. Remember when all those people were building that tower into heaven and the Lord made them all speak a different language and they never got to heaven. Well here’s your sign!!!

    Humans will never cease to amaze me at what they think they can do without destroying the whole world.

  2. These scientist spend millions of dollars on these machines and test when they could be feeding the starving people of the world or finding cures to fatal diseases. Children are dying of famine in third world countries while these scientist are playing with their toys. What they need to do is get their heads out of the clouds or should I say Galaxy and look what is happening here on Earth. GET A LIFE!!!

  3. God is having a big laugh as these foolish men continue to try to catch him and best him. Can’t be done!

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