If you’re one of the many news junkies who have been paying close attention to the legal woes and controversy following Kwame Kilpatrick over the last year, you might be glad to see that his dilemma has finally come to a close.  The embattled mayor was ordered to 120 days in jail along with several other penalties that include a $1 million fine.  The man did his share of foolishness and charged it to the city, but all of this as a penalty?  Did he get caught drug trafficking, selling women, and hiding a secret life as a hitman as well?  Can you think of anyone else that has had jail time along with a fine this massive?  Not to mention all the other penalties he’ll have to contend with.  Surely, his mom will come to his rescue and demand justice be dealt a little more fair and square than this.  Read the Times to see the particulars.  The Michigan judicial system has made a Pinocchio out of Kilpatrick.  You can bet your last dollar you won’t catch him lying about another thing “so help me God.”


  1. I agree with JB the Mayor was treated harshly and does not deserve to be on the city jail payroll. They stripped him of everything except the clothes on his back oops they did that too as he puts on the orange jumpsuit.

    I don’t know if people remember the Vincent Chin murder here where three white men received no jail time after eyewitnesses saw them murder him.

    Kwame unfortunately brought the rath of the black prosecutor upon himself when he should of walked away with a quiet deal and some dignity long ago.

    His lies, arrogance and anger were his downfall and he is being dealt three fold what he tried to meter out to the police officers he abused.

    If god willing Obama is elected I hope he learns a lesson from the arrogance and ignorance of this stupid young man that justice for us is harsher and less forgiving so do the right thing by your family first, the country and god.

  2. Kwame will be back – if Marion ? of D.C. – can come back from crack – Kwame will surely rtn from well grow from his own arrogance. But they surely shut him down for the next 5-6 yrs. Now watch what Ken “Shrek” Cockrel does- he has the safety net of rtn to city council-we should not run a special elec. to replace KK- it’d be another expense on the city & would likely take place in Feb. ’09 then turn around for the nxt sched. election in Nov. ’09. Kwame stated in his resignation speech that he has been set-up for a comeback–he DID have the city in the palm of his hands as well as being mentioned as 1 of the rising stars of the DNC not TOO long ago. He forced himself into a corner, a place where many of the D’s young stars often fall because of their own egos and weakness in obtaining power and lack of d–k control. ‘nuf said

  3. Wow, he should go to jail. It’s about time someone puts a man in jail for stealing money from the city he’s supposed to be serving. Dang. I hope the good people of Detroit have the good sense not to let that lying, stealing man back in office. AND he can’t dress. Woooooo, was that too personal?

  4. This all goes back to properly punishing your children when they are children. Da Mayor has gotten away with too much stuff over the course of his life and now here is the big pay back. I surely hope he has put childish things aside and will start acting like a man.
    He should have resigned a long time ago.

  5. A lot of us don’t have all the information on what all he did because we can only get the information from the news in our area. If it is correct: His mom needs to beat his butt!!!

  6. I guess he thought he was above history, beyond race, and could engage in the same kind of foolishness that white politicians do and get away with it. I would rather he skip the jail time and pay back the city the $8.4 mil he cost to settle the lawsuit with the cops!

  7. Kwame stepped into the politcal spotlight with a lot of criticism from the beginning. He should have been on his game, because he knew he was being watched with a microscope by the media. They reported every little dark detail about him every chance they got. He acted like a spoiled child waiting for mommy to get him out of a tight spot like she has always done, but this time was different, mommy couldn’t save you. Maybe now he will grow up and be the man he should have been before running for Mayor.

  8. WOW! Is all I can say initially. I cannot believe his punishment is so harsh. But he does owe the city. I have and will always be a KWAME fan. He is a man like the rest of us. Unfortunately, his mistakes are magnified and under a huge spotlight for the entire world to see. Sometimes others have to learn from another man’s mistake. Hopefully everyone is taking note.

  9. Hey everybody’s entitled to mistakes but the way the media persecuted him his family, and Christine Beaty. It is supposed to a law that Presumes us Not guilty until proven otherwise. The Fox2 news station in Detroit Was Horrible and relentless in there pursuit in removing him from office.
    Yeah he eventually said he was guilty, but now we’ll never know to what extent, and guess what I and alot of other Detroiters will probably vote him back in office in 5 years so there FOX2 thanks for making us Love the Underdog even more

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