Thousands of Protesters Turn Out For RNC


How much more can McCain’s party take?  They saw people bail on them for the “hurricane”, then everything had to be scaled back, then his VP selection turns up with a pregnant teenage daughter, and let us not forget about the hard to follow act of the DNC.  Now in comes thousands of anti-war protesters storming the scene.  Police brawls and weapons were brandished as the protesters became a little “unruly.”  Did anyone see that on the news?  Maybe the media was helping McCain out a little bit by not publicizing such events.  Obama even came forth and threw the beleaguered republican candidate a bone by telling folks to let go of the teenage pregnancy thing.  He’s the product of a teenage mother and family is off limits in politics.  If there has been any beacon of light surrounding McCain during this time, Obama offered it.  Check out the unruly scene at the RNC here.

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