Layoffs Sends Workers Inside


 Have you recently lost your job and feel like keeping to yourself a little more than usual?  Just feel like staying away from happy hour and reading a good book at home?  Or do you feel like sitting in a corner with the lights off?  Did you say only if you’re on your last check and the lights were shut off?  Thought so!  The results of a study that has gone on for more than 45 years says that people tend to pull away from social organizations and/or groups once they lose their job.  The science behind the survey says that these feelings of inadequacy come from a reciprocating relationship the person had with society that they can no longer fulfill.  It’s as though you feel like you’re not holding up your end of the bargain with society by being out of a job.  Well, someone needs to tell Craig an ‘nem because they were being very social at the corner store last night and they haven’t had jobs in a month of Sundays.  Read all about the survey here.  It obviously doesn’t apply to, let’s just say, a lot of people we know.

2 thoughts on “Layoffs Sends Workers Inside”

  1. The science behind the survey says what? HA! People pull away from social organizations or groups not because they feel inadequate, it’s because they’re broke. Who the hell is trying to hang out and be social when you got bills riding your behind. Science always has something to say, maybe they should come to the hood and see what real people actually go though.

  2. I agree Ms. Hamilton
    As one of those out of work workers, It really is not Fun hanging out with those people who get up in the morning knowing how they’re going to pay that stack of bills, verses the out of work worker who can’t get food stamps or medical coverage because they had a job that is now gone for what ever the reason, and the government says hey no kids, no job, no money, no eat! If you have kids you qualify for all the benefits of the needy but with no kids and just struggling they say do something, however something costs something. So I say to the “Have’s” keep it as long as you can cause you won’t want to hang out either when/if you become a “HAVE NOT”.

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