Convicted Felons Get A Vote


 There are literally thousands of convicted felons and ex-convicts that have no clue that they have voting rights.  The even more interesting thing is that no one is telling them.  Did someone say Juneteenth?  There’s community organizers and civil rights organizations beating the pavement and presenting literature to senators on behalf of those who have paid their dues to society and looking for a way to make a difference. 

The New York Times reported that the disenfranchised ex-offenders are overwhelmingly Democrat.  This would be a strong advantage for the Obama camp, but there’s a delicate line of diplomacy that the candidate must dance.  He has had to disown his preachers, his friends, past pets…  OK, just joking there, but you get the point.  If he, the first black Presidential candidate, embraces ex-offenders it may not be helpful to his campaign at all.  

Many of those who have been incarcerated see their reintroduction into society as useless and desperate.  No jobs, no votes, no love.  Well, we’re going to do our part and enlighten those who need to know their “status.”  Read here to find out about the latest advancements on the fight …. for the right…. to vote!

Is Prison Producing Scholars?


Andres Idarraga is an ex-convict that believes in progress under any circumstances.  He served nearly six years of a 14-year sentence and was able to be accepted at an Ivy League school, Brown University.  Now many are saying, are you serious?! There’s no way he got out of prison and went into an Ivy League school.  Well, it’s the truth, RUTH! And he had to prove himself and work quite diligently to win himself that spot.   Not only was he able to attend Brown and graduate, but he’s now been accepted at Yale Law School.  You’ll never guess what he wants to be when he grows up.  Read more about his fascinating story here.

McCain Vetted By Media


John McCain has always looked at himself as a true patriot.  A legacy bore by him and his forefathers in U.S. military history.  But that legacy has to be divided by another not so gratifying detail of his family’s history.  During his campaign in 2000, enlightened the candidate with his family’s legacy of slave ownership.  The candidate seemed quite amazed by the new information, even calling it “logical.”  He is 72-years old, translation: born in 1936.  His elders were not that far removed from the institution of slavery.  Isn’t it amazing that he didn’t have such information.  He said he knew his family had sharecroppers on their “plantation”, but not slaves.  (Don’t laugh.)  And even while not having this little bit of information, he still managed, in 1983, to vote against the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in Arizona.  See all the “amazing” facts here.

Judge Beaten With Frying Pan


 A Las Vegas judge was beaten bloody with a frying pan by her husband and hospitalized with numerous injuries.  Sounds like a weird instrument for a man, but it appears that his cheese slid off the cracker and he grabbed whatever was closest to him.  Luckily for her, he wasn’t cooking her breakfast.  Al Green can attest to that.  Judge Elizabeth Halverson is morbidly obese and travels in a motorized wheelchair, but she’s been known to be quite unruly.  The Associated Press reported that she was suspended from the courtroom in July 2007, only six months after being sworn in citing that “she posed a substantial threat to the public or to the administration of justice.”  Halverson was falling asleep in court, asking her former bailiff to put on her shoes, give her massages, and even went as far as asking him to shoot her husband and she would dispose of the body.  The relationship between the two seems to be some kind of freaky deaky sado-masochistic alliance.  Read here about this “strange relationship.”

CEO’s Do Not Sympathize With Their Companies



“The government and big business went up a hill to fetch the taxpayer’s money. 

Big business fell down, their CEO’s took their crowns and the economy came

tumbling after.” 


Now in that story, everyone is supposed to take some lumps and bruises, but it appears that the CEO’s abandoned ship and didn’t look back.  CEO’s have been taking these “golden parachutes” without any remorse or even shame for the messes they’ve left behind.  It appears that they viewed themselves as trailblazing risk takers.  But, now that the bottom has fallen out and they’ve been allowed to make grand exits, what do they look like now?  Did someone say smart? Hush up!  Well, the government has begun to take notice and the parachutes are being retired…at least for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s CEO’s. 

USA Today reported last week that Fannie and Freddie’s CEO’s, Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron, respectively, could have taken home “up to $25 million”.  This must be heartbreaking for them as they just stood with their hands out waiting for their fortunes a mere two and a half weeks ago.  And to add insult to injury, there’s the lucky leprechauns like Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O’Neal, who reportedly received a package now worth nearly $66 million and Chuck Prince of Citigroup left with a consolation prize now valued at $16 million.  But let us not forget, the Washington Post’s report of Home Depot’s Robert L. Nardelli, who in just six years of service abruptly left the company with nearly “$210 million in cash and stock options, including a $20 million severance payment and retirement benefits of $32 million.” 

They should be ashamed you say…well, they’re not.  They’re laughing all the way to the bank and will be vacationing at some remote island until the U.S. gets “their” mess together.  Read all about the new severance packages here.

Is McCain Running Scared?


 Have you seen children in elementary school getting ready to fight?  It all ends with, “I’ll see you after school at 3 o’clock!”  Now one is confident that he’s going to mop the floor with the other kid, but the other one is sweating bullets and watching the clock until the big throwdown.  The scared one often finds an alternate route out of the school or just simply runs like hell as soon as school lets out.  But, they always return with a magnificent excuse on why they didn’t show up.  Well, let’s just say it appears that McCain is playing the role of the scared one right now.  Or is he really the martyr that he portrays?  The war hero and prisoner of war that adopted a minority is looking to D.C. now for an excuse to not attend the debates. 

He’s going to make the ultimate sacrifice and throw himself on our economic grenade and spare everyone else.  He’s adamant about finding a way to solve America’s financial dilemma even if he has to suspend his election to do so…and by the way he asks that they postpone the debate between him and Obama until he finishes his crusade.  Well, Obama believes that a candidate for President of the United States should be able to chew bubble gum and walk at the same time and gives McCain a resounding “Hell no!  We’re doing this now McCain!” (a loose translation)  The debate commission agrees with Obama though.  Read here to see the next episode on our superhero.

Autism Study Called Off


 Researchers and scientists are scrambling for a cure that would help families that are grappling with the debilitating effects of autism.  The developmental disorder has an unknown cause, but some believe it is caused by immunizations in small children.  Celebrities such as Holly Robinson Pete, Toni Braxton, and Jenny McCarthy have tried to bring light to the disorder through sharing the difficulty in their own families.  But now, the government must be so strapped for cash that this is yet another study that will get scrapped.  The National Institutes of Health is pulling the plug.  See the disappointing details here.

Alaska Shows Palin How They Really Feel


 CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and no other media outlet is celebrating, oops, reporting the “Alaska Women Reject Palin” demonstration that the people of Anchorage, AK, put together.  Daily Kos has shared the event, pics and video of the entire demonstration.  They reported that the gathering was put together by a couple of women.  A right wing radio show host took their numbers from a press release regarding the rally and they received harassing calls for the rest of the afternoon.  In fact, there were several others that tried to sabotage the day’s event, but to no avail, they had a successful turnout of nearly 1,500 which several reported as one of the biggest, if not biggest, events in Anchorage history.  They even have a rockin’ number by Cyndi Lauper called “Shine” that is a musical video essay of the day.   Get a little of the momentum below and peruse the site for all the details.