N’awlins Says ‘No Repeat!’


The Gulf Coast area watched as Haiti and Cuba suffered death and injury by the monster hurricane Gustav.  But this time they are not going to let it take them.  The effects of this “Storm of the Century” as New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagan called it, could be catastrophic.  The hurricane seemed to slow up a bit to give Cuba a small break, but it doesn’t appear that New Orleans will be so lucky.  This time there were a fleet of buses and trains prepared to move the crowds.  The government even allowed the freeway to be opened on both sides, so that those driving out of the city could make it out faster.  There may be houses destroyed and left afloat like three years ago, but you can bet your bottom dollar, New Orleans residents have left the building!  Check out the status of the storm here.

2 thoughts on “N’awlins Says ‘No Repeat!’”

  1. Boy, in those situations how can you make a choice to stay or to go. I guess you could always choose to go and come back and start where you left off, if it’s all still there. If not, be strong, pray and pay your insurance. You go and nothing happens, you stay and everything is distroyed.

    You are going to have to start all over again where ever you go. All parts of the country and world are getting hit by something. Nowhere is safe anymore.

    God must be really mad at us and the Asian areas!!

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