McCain Is the Bigger Man?


 If ever there was an opportunity to take advantage of the sympathies of America’s voters, this is it.  Gustav has made its way through Cuba and Haiti destroying everything in its path and now New Orleans is in the crosshairs.  Actually, all of the Gulf coast seems to be at risk.  So, in an effort to show America what he’s made of (wink wink), John McCain will scale down all of his plans for the Republican National Convention in Minnesota.  He’s already made a trip to Mississippi to check on the readiness of the emergency management center.  Seems someone is jumping the gun on their responsibilities as President.  But, nonetheless, whether he was planning to reel in his convention or not, it seems that all of his governmental buddies took a look at Obama’s convention and all of a sudden McCain isn’t the cool guy in school anymore.  Schwarzenegger is strapped for cash, Bush and Cheney are tending to the hurricane (finally) and even his wife got a headache and is staying in.  Okay, maybe that isn’t altogether true, but it seems like Gustav let some folks off the hook. But, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they all still believe McCain will win the whole enchilada.  All we can say is, good luck with that!  Read here to see where you can get your refund for any money you layed down for your ticket to be there.

One thought on “McCain Is the Bigger Man?”

  1. When everything started out I was for McCain. (Hometown Boy). But he let his people get too racial, evil, nasty, and down right wrong and he didn’t care!!!

    Now the racist people that turned against Hillary are going to his side so now I sure don’t want him to win. Even the reporters are saying that McCain’s camp is sending the Good Old Boys a Code. And we all that grew up in the 50’s & 60’s know exactly what they are talking about. And when I say the “Good Old Boys” I sure don’t mean the man in the Ice Cream Truck!!!… Or the Johnny the Bread Man truck….

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