Diddy’s Been Grounded?


Now what is the world coming to when Diddy can’t get where he needs to go because of the gas prices?  Doesn’t he make something like 2 million dollars an hour?  But, po’ Diddy still can’t manage to fire up the private jet.  He cried to the Arabs that oil prices just have to come down because he can’t afford the gas and child support. Just jokes…obviously.  We reported recently that the entertainment mogul, for the second year in a row, captured third place on Forbes list of Hip Hop’s “Cash Kings”, raking in a whopping $35 million for the year.  Combine the salaries of our staff, all of our readers, and some folks just surfing the web that just happened to land on our site, and we’d still need $200, an Independence card and LaQuisha’s baby’s food stamps to equal a percentage of his earnings.  And none of us probably fly first class on a regular basis.  Read herehow Diddy is suffering while you get your Crown Royal bag out to count up change for gas.

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