Is the U.S. Losing Global Position?


 The U.S. cannot honestly say it prides itself on saving and conserving.  That’s not our thing.  We are ostentatious and bold.  Maybe we are under the impression that our economy, war or not, will maintain.  But the world is not even recognizing the U.S. dollar anymore.  It’s weakening on the global market daily.  We live like immortals.  People are dying from starvation and we are throwing out enough food to feed a foreign country every year.  Our waterways are drying up and being devastated by pollution, yet we’re still brushing our teeth with the water on.  We have not shortened our round-trips during the day and taken to car pooling in the face of phenomenally high gas prices.  We leave lights on.  We don’t recycle.  Anything else?  And don’t say that “you” do, so someone else is too.  We’re in this together, you know you do it too.  Plus, we need numbers not a handful of individuals “making a difference” and celebrities that spend $500 on a pair of shoes, yet recycle. 

The rest of the world has caught up to our economic status and have been putting in the effort by the numbers to achieve it.  China is fast outpacing the U.S. economically and technologically.  We are losing our superpower status by our own volition.  The hard truths and facts are there.  What are we going to do about it?  Like Clinton told us the other night, Obama can make a change, but first we have to vote him in.  Make a move.  We can’t let the Olympic relay race where the U.S. women and men dropped the baton be our foreboding truth.  Check out our status here.

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