600 Illegal Immigrants Snatched At Plant


What if you went to work tomorrow and all of a sudden federal officers and workers break out running all over the place?  No explanation needed, just like Cedric the Entertainer said in the Original Kings of Comedy, you’ll start running too right?  The first thing you might think is there’s a Columbine type situation getting ready to happen.  Nope! The federal officers are charging after illegal immigrants.  The scene in the Mississippi plant was one of shock, dismay and to some relief, judging from the applause. The workers, some of them under 18, were from places like Germany, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama to name a few.  Surprisingly enough, these raids are not that unusual.  There have been other raids that took nearly 1,300 illegal immigrants from the workplace.  If that many people leave the job in the middle of the day, it must mean trouble for the company.  The raid didn’t warrant any executives being arrested, but the investigation is ongoing. wink! wink!  Find out what happened here.

4 thoughts on “600 Illegal Immigrants Snatched At Plant”

  1. Happy to hear things are being done to stop this foolishness. I just pray it does not affect the economy adversly.

  2. About time! Someone with some information on this. You’d think considering how popular Comic Book Adaptations are nowadays, some information would actually be pretty easy to find. Apparently not. Anyway, thanks for this! I appreciate it!

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