Is the South An HIV/AIDS Target?


 The South is no different than the rest of the planet when reviewing the amount of HIV/AIDS cases in the black population.  It appears that the epidemic –as it pertains to the black community– has fallen on deaf government ears globally.  In 2005 alone, the CDC reported nearly 38,000 new HIV/AIDS cases and 49% of those were African American.  That statistic is nationwide, but now there are reports of a demographic concentration of HIV/AIDS cases.  The Carolina’s, Mississippi, Virginia, and other states have recently been ravaged by the disease.  The number of HIV/AIDS cases are astronomical in these southern black communities, but also mysterious.  Conspiracy theorists say that the disease is manufactured for the black population.  Maybe the mainstream media is beginning to believe the same thing.  Read the full story here.  What do you think?                                                                

One thought on “Is the South An HIV/AIDS Target?”

  1. I disagree. I feel that AA’s are the last to educate and protect themselves from this disease. That’s why it’s spreading like wildfire. Stop trying to point the finger at others and simply take personal responsibility for our health and well being. Everything is not a Tuskeegee Expiriment. Now, the ORIGINS of HIV/AIDS in Africa… different story.

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