What Happened Jo Jo?

A new video has emerged online to exhibit the latest in what seems to be a downward spiral for the once R&B dynamic duo, K-Ci and Jo Jo.  According to Livesteez.com, the two were in concert in Sydney and someone obviously brought a camera into the concert and caught Jo Jo taking a hard fall.  In the past, the brothers have been reported as alledgedly being under the influence of undisclosed substances at several concerts if they show up at all.  The embattled brothers from North Carolina have seen their popularity grow globally and nearly flat-line after rumors of substance abuse.  Mary J. Blige dated K-Ci in the 90s when she admitted to a substance abuse problem of her own.  Check out the footage.  If you know anything about what is happening with the brothers, weigh in and let us in on the secrets.  We hope they can come back from all of the problems and regain their place atop the R&B game.

One thought on “What Happened Jo Jo?”

  1. My co-worker just read his email. He has a friend who’s niece is married to JoJo and said he stopped using drugs a long time ago. Him and his brother drinks heavily and have seizures all the time. She said JoJo was drunk and had a seizure on stage. He drinks Hennessy straight up and hates beer. lol

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