Freed White Farmer Fed Black Man to Lions


How do you begin to explain such an atrocity, in present day, as being fed to the lions?  In America, the worst we have seen is the burning, dragging and lynching of African Americans, now South Africa takes racial hatred even further.  A white farmer, who obviously didn’t want to compensate a former employee for his work took it upon himself to order him dead.  The government, in turn, helped him to carry out his heinous crime by freeing the man afterwards.  The black man who worked for this animal, who was obviously disguised as a man, went to him to be compensated and was beaten and then thrown into a lion’s pen.  Now the question is who killed the man, the lions or the farmer’s workers who were ordered to beat him.  If this sounds unbelievable, read the rest of the story.  Unimaginable.

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