The Donald Extends Sweepstakes to McMahon


 It appears that the days of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson are long behind Ed McMahon now.  He is the economy’s newest victim of foreclosure.  McMahon defaulted on the loan for his 6-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion and was trying to work it out…just as a lot of us are.  But, before they could call the U-Haul trucks, Donald Trump stepped in to save the day…sorta.  Trump was devastated to see the famous talk show sidekick on the news with his pockets turned inside out, but he’s a businessman first.  He admits moments of nostalgia over America’s well known sweepstakes man, but first the details of who owns what had to be ironed out.  Trump agreed to help out the embattled media mogul, but only if he gets to be his landlord.  You gotta respect the man’s game.  He didn’t get to be the billion dollar man giving out free rides.  Check out the details here.

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