Thousands Licensed to Wed On The 8’s


 China is partial to the number 8, so it is no surprise that they planned major things on the 8’s…also known as August 8, 2008.   Is it a coincidence that they planned that date for the opening of the Olympics?  One would think not.  In addition to the Olympics is the dramatic influx of lovebirds to the altar.  They probably believe that their day will be immensely blessed if they are at least licensed to wed on that date.  If 10,000 people show up to get a license what’s the odds of them finding a minister to perform all those nuptials? Some have opted to only have a ceremony on that day and wait another day for the reception.  They’ve already thought about the odds of getting a hall.  Wonder what’s gonna happen next year on September 9, 2009.  Check out the particulars to this interesting day here.

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