Anti-Obama Books On The Rise


It’s no secret that Obama has plenty of detractors out there that would like to do nothing more than smear the man’s good name.  But, obviously, that’s a formidable task for the media as well as his opponent, John McCain.  The charismatic democratic presidential candidate has had more than his share of trouble out of conservatives, but his supporters have run amuck during his campaign as well.  Both sides are eager to get to the center of Obama to see what makes him tick. Obama has written books “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams From My Father” which have both garnered massive sales and media attention, but it appears there are those who want to know more.  The newest collection of books attempt to paint a picture of the other side of “The Obama Nation” which intrigues supporters and opponents alike.  Read here for the latest tactics from those who just don’t get it. 

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