Foreigners Have More Rights in America?


 It’s unbelievable that some foreigners can come to America and commit heinous crimes then want to flee and/or be given a slap on the wrist.  Is it because they are not from America that they actually believe that crime pays?  Do we send that message to people around the world?  

A group of boys gang rape two young girls on their way home from school, then viciously beat them to death.  Now, after all are placed in jail with either death sentences or life terms, they want to call a foul.  Hey!  You didn’t read us our rights!  Hey!  You gave us the seat with the busted seatbelts…”Give us free!”  Texas says hell to the naw!  Their asses will fry!  Bush even tried to step in to get the cases of 50 foreigners reviewed and Texas is holding strong on their decision to extinguish the lives of the convicted felons.  The word came down from the Supreme Court and until they change their minds, lethal injections all around.  Read the full story here.

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