Classic Black Cinema Takes A Lick

josephinebaker.jpgBlack cinema has a longer history than a lot of us realize.  Foxy Brown, Superfly, nor Shaft were probably even born when these movie greats graced the screen for the first time.  Josephine Baker shook her money maker on out of America into France and into superstardom during a time when blacks were being lynched and migrating to the north for a better life.  The U.S. Postal service has decided that it is high time that this era in black cinema be commemorated.  The stamps will be released today and a ceremony will be held in Newark, NJ. 

Get all the details here.

3 thoughts on “Classic Black Cinema Takes A Lick”

  1. I hardly even use stamps anymore (thanks to e-mail and electronic bill pay), but I just might take a trip over to the post office this weekend

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