The Law vs. Saggy Pants

saggy-pants.jpgWhile some of us may be standing on our soap box spouting how this is against our first amendment rights and all that jazz, parents everywhere are screaming “Amen! About time!”  Yes, Flint, Michigan’s chief of police, David Dicks, is coming down on “crack” exposure…and we don’t mean drugs.  Young men in Flint will have to find a different way to express themselves if they don’t want to go to jail or receive a fine.  There’s even a chart of how far your pants can sag before you are in hot water.  Dicks has already begun to receive calls from the American Civil Liberties Union (which he expected), but is not “backing down” until the pants come up.  But, the bottom line is that all you young men out there that like to sag shouldn’t want Dicks on your behind.  Pull ’em up!

For complete details on how to stay out of jail for “sagging”, go here.

2 thoughts on “The Law vs. Saggy Pants”

  1. Saggy pants are more than irritating, but illegal is a bit of a stretch!

  2. Lynwood, IL has jumped on the bandwagon, too (is it too early to call a bandwagon? could be…).
    Anyway, they’ll fine you $25 if more than 3″ of your underwear is showing…Plumbers, beware! Oh wait, they don’t show their underwear, they show the whole crack!

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