Detroit’s Kilpatrick At It Again?

kilpatrick-mug-shot-smaller.jpgThe prosecution has new ammunition against Detroit’s Mayor Kilpatrick.  The newest allegation is that he has even more skeletons falling out of his…cell phone.  More women have been discovered in his text messages.  But, according to the Detroit Free Press, the prosecutor’s spokesperson said there will be “…no new people charged in the investigation ‘at this time’ ”

The mayor has been linked with woman after woman.  Just before his, seemingly, heartfelt display of regret and apology to the city, his wife and church last January, another woman was “uncovered.”  The woman accompanied him at a resort in North Carolina where he was scheduled to deliver a speech for Martin Luther King Day.  Other women include a jamaican woman he allegedly had sex with in a barbershop.  Remember the Alderman in the movie Barbershop telling Eve he’d come by for some “trim.”  Read more about Detroit’s super freak here.  If you’d like to view the apology and read information about the initial allegations, go here.

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