United Arab Emirates Don’t Play That

burj-al-arab-dubai-hotel-smaller.jpgIt appears that the Emirates territory has become quite the tourist location.  It is known for its high level of luxury, in fact, kingdom-like accommodations.  The feeling must be that if we create a royal atmosphere, we will attract a regal crowd of sophisticates.  If indeed that is the case, don’t have a champagne brunch and invite the Queen’s people because they’re not getting it.  A British woman who actually lives there decided to take a walk on the beach during the brunch and have a little “fun.”  Well, authorities gave her a break the first time, but when they circled back her and “Vince” were at it again and the gloves came off.  They threw her right in jail for her horny little escapade and she is incensed at the thought of them “making an example of her.”  But wait! There’s more.  The Sun reported that the woman, Randy Michelle Palmer, is the “associate publisher for ITP, which produces more than 60 magazines serving the Middle East’s consumer, technology and business markets.”  Read the details here.

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