Southwest Puts Family Off Plane

southwest-smaller.jpgSouthwest airlines is putting its foot down with families.  First, it ended the courtesy of allowing families with small children to pre-board  last year.  The airline defended the decision saying that families boarding first held up the boarding process.  Now, it’s kicking families off the flight altogether.  It appears that a woman, her four children, and her pregnant sister were flying from Detroit to Phoenix when all hell broke loose.  The family was not allowed to re-board after a layover in Phoenix and now they’re feeling dejected and want compensation for their bad behavior. 

The children were on their first flight and its possible they didn’t even get their captain’s wings before they got out of hand.  Two of the children have disabilities.  One is autistic and the other has cerebral palsy.  Don’t you have a heart Southwest?  Read the details, here.

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