New National Anthem for Denver Mayor

Now you’re about to hear the tale of a brave ol’ soul who may get her walking papers out of the city of Denver.  A jazz artist by the name of Rene Marie was asked to sing the national anthem at the mayor’s annual state of the city address, but no one thought to ask her “how” she sings it.  She decided months ago to stop singing the national anthem, but left that out when she was asked to perform.  A black man standing behind her during the performance looks both petrified and proud, but ready to back her up if “it” hits the fan.  I guess she said to herself if they’re not going to pay me, I can sing what I want!  Check it out and tell us what you see:

2 thoughts on “New National Anthem for Denver Mayor”

  1. QUITE BOLD on Ms. Marie’s part. I enjoyed this version. Very creative and interesting. It makes you actually LISTEN and APPRECIATE the words of “our” national anthem.

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