Starbucks…SAY IT AIN’T SO!

starbucks-smaller.jpgWe’re sure there are candlelight vigils being planned, a massive suicide watch campaign has been launched, Magic Johnson has upped his security and planned relocation, as Starbucks announces…(drum roll here) 600 stores are being closed.  Did you hear that?  Immediately, the world fell silent.  The CEO and chair of the company, Howard Schultz, got some ” ‘splainin’ to do.”  Because there’s sure to be about 5,000 people googling his address as we speak while sipping on what they think is their last double-tall, nonfat, lightwhip, mocha.

Shultz has explained the move as a strategy that is simply bending to the will of the economy.   They have recognized that the price of gas and the price of their coffee is neck and neck, so something had to give.  Well, if you’re as worried as the rest of the world may be about losing the “last legal addictive stimulant” read the full story to ease your mind.

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