Circuit City Is Making A Move

blockbuster-circuit-city-merge-smaller.jpgCircuit City is succumbing to slumping sales and needs someone to throw them a lifeline.  The only help they’ve found thus far is coming from Blockbuster.  The two are planning a merger and Circuit City is giving three board seats to the movie rental behemoth as a part of the deal.  Somehow, it doesn’t seem like Blockbuster is doing much better in sales with the onset of Comcast’s OnDemand option and the mail-in video service Netflix.  But, maybe one can lean on the other to keep themselves in business.  Wal-mart has also been fierce competition for the predominantly electronic product store. 

It appears that some of our old corporate staples of corporate are becoming extinct or bending to the will of the fittest.  Read all about it here.

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