Barack Gives Hillary The Thumbs Down


It appears that Barack Obama’s right hand decision has back slapped Hillary Clinton.  There are reports that the ticket of Obama and Clinton will never rear its head.  Two of Clinton’s staffers started a group called “Vote Both” as a rallying call to put the two together.  But Obama had not given any indication that she was anywhere near being a contender for the position of V.P.  As reported in the Chicago Tribune this week, he said that “he wants a running mate who will help him change how business has been conducted in Washington…” which gave many the idea that he would not be calling on Hillary Clinton.  But hasn’t these things been said before?  Why is it that  the media is choosing now to say she’s not a contender?  Check out the details for yourself.

Smackdown Proposed for Paparazzi


The paparazzi may finally get the smackdown on their bullying practices.  They have bumped, pushed, slapped, intruded and just been a major pain in the ass to all involved for far too long.  Some believe that paparazzi are partially responsible for the death of Princess Diana.  Britney Spears fans as well as non-fans are both sick of the constant bombardment on her life which bombards our lives.  Southern California groups are coming together to possibly put rules down for the rambunctious voyeurs.  City council officials are getting on board as well.  Enough is enough.  Read the full story here.

Salmonella Outbreak Solved!



Don’t you wonder why people are always saying, “Don’t drink the water in Mexico.”  The FDA, after cracking down on tomatoes as the culprit, finally realized that looking in Mexico’s water system may not be a bad idea.  But, the newest information reported Mexico’s peppers were part of the culprit as well.  All of Mexico must be in a state of shock.  No dinner tonight Popi!  Read the full story here. 

Gambler Forced to Shower or Leave


 Everyone understands that people with addictions are passionate about that thing they do.  They may go days without even showering or running past a toothbrush.  In this case, the guilty party is a gambler who was accused of stinking up his table at the casino.  The man weighed in at 440lbs. and hadn’t showered for a long time.  Wait till you read why he wants an apology.  Read the stinky details here. 

Preacher Arrested At the Pulpit


 Have you ever been at church and the police rush in to arrest your preacher just as you made your final heartfelt “Amen”?  Makes you question everything spiritual and holy.  Well, the deed that the preacher was arrested for will make you question it all as well.  The “Rev.” Anthony Hopkins (remind you of anyone Clarice?) was arrested for murder when authorities discovered that he was deep freezing more than his dinner.  A woman’s body was found in his freezer and it is believed that she is his wife who has been missing for three years.  Read the chilling details here.

Dead Body On Delta


 Delta airlines landed in Atlanta today with one less passenger.  The unidentified woman went to the restroom and never returned.  Which makes you wonder:  1) Should we be on some sort of buddy system with our fellow seatmates?  2) Shouldn’t the “occupied” sign alert the airline attendants once they’ve cut on the “get in your damn seat!” sign?  And last but not least, 3) Does the airline refund the monies of those undelivered?  When you read the story, you’ll see that this is not the first time this has happened. 

Homeowner’s Act To Save the Day!


 If you haven’t heard of Bush’s latest attempt to redeem himself in this economic disaster he’s caused, here’s your chance.  Bush signed into law the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008, on Wednesday to try to pull at least 400,000 homeowners out of foreclosure.  If you qualify, you can get your old mortgage replaced with a brand new 30-year fixed rate loan for up to 90 percent of your home’s current value.  Ok, but, you know who’s behind this deal right?  Bush!  So look for a few catch 22’s in there.  Like the fact that it’s still up to your bank whether to extend you the benefits of the new law. And oh yeah! Look at the part about what happens when or if you’re able to sell your home after refinancing through the government.  Here’s a full Q&A of the new law, so you can see for yourself if this is at all helpful.

Woman Stuck To Toilet Seat Shows Mercy


 Men always talk about women taking up too much bathroom time.  But two years?  That’s a little extreme wouldn’t you say?  A man on trial for mistreating his live-in girlfriend was shown leniency by his girlfriend’s request after he let her sit in a bathroom for two years.  He finally called the police to help her out, but by then she was stuck to the toilet seat.  Police estimate she had been sitting on the toilet for about a month.  Read the full story here.