Ohio Residents Choose Obama…Rumors


Rather than be well informed and read Barack Obama’s autobiographies and talk with volunteers who are spreading the word of Obama,  Ohio’s older residents choose to live in the days of old.  The days when their neighbor’s word and resistance to change was all whites needed to decide on whatever the community would do to maintain their lives in their neighborhoods.  The only problem with that is now they’re not their neighborhoods.  Even if only along the perimeter there are others of a different race, the neighborhood now has to factor them into their lives.

Jim Peterman, a retired worker in Findlay, OH, is confused about who he should vote for because everyone is saying such nasty stuff about Barack Obama.  He is confident that his good friend and neighbor wouldn’t steer him wrong.  Obama must be a Muslim, he must be gay, he must be looking to bring his African family to the U.S. illegally.  So, how does he vote for someone who doesn’t even wear a flag pin and Peterman is from Flag City?  Oh, the agony!  Peterman is 74 and he just wants everything to remain the way it was when Eisenhower was in office.  Read about the residents of Findlay here.  This may give us a bird’s eye view into what we can expect out of Ohio at election time.

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