Desperate Housewife Part II

trisha-walsh-smith-smaller.jpgYou remember the infamous Tricia Walsh Smith from a past story you’ve seen here…and YouTube.  She’s the woman who was ranting and raving about losing her posh NYC apartment.  Her husband, 15 years her senior, is a Broadway owner and producer who wanted her out of their apartment.  So, she gets on YouTube and tells everyone how he’s threatening to put her on the street, she’s going to be penniless, on and and on and on.

Fast forward to Friday, June 27, and they’re in court and of course, the videos have come into question and Walsh said she had a right to speak out.  She was quoted saying, “We don’t live in the Middle East. I don’t have to walk three steps behind my husband. I’m entitled to get angry and have an opinion.”  Read the full story here.

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