Celebs Love ‘Illusions’

illusions-janice.jpgillusions-denise-tunnell.jpgBET had its share of parties going on before, during and after this year’s 2008 BET Awards, but the ” ‘Illusions’ Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine” pre-BET Awards party on June 22, was an added bonus to the stars.  The dynamic duo, Janice and Denise Tunnell, who are the owners of the Illusions beauty line, attracted celebs like Lauren London who hosted the event.  The event was held in an exclusive area of Los Angeles called Hancock Park to introduce and bolster the presence of the cosmetic line.  The gala was co-sponsored by Soft Sheen-Carson, Vaseline and Baileys.

Other celebs that showed their support at the self-defined “Ultimate Beauty/Spa Lounge Experience” were: Tasha Smith (our loud and crazy girlfriend from “Why Did I Get Married?”) and her twin sister film producer Sidra Smith; the Simmons sisters, Angela and Vanessa who live in “Run’s House”; actor Darrin Henson of Stomp the Yard and Soul Food; and Eddie’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy to name a few. 

The Illusions beauty line has a long list of glowing testimonials from all types of celebs that make you want to run out and grab their products.  At least put some lipstick on!  Check out the Illusions line here and check out the event below.

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