National Parks Become Makeshift Graveyards

national-park-smaller.jpgEveryone wants to be buried in a beautiful spot, amongst family, maybe even friends.  But, some people have taken it upon themselves to forgo the pomp and circumstance and make sure they at least have an awesome place for their “send off.”  The AP reports that the national parks have long been a place of interest for people looking to end it all.  Suicides have happened at the national parks in the past, the first being in 1884 by a 27-year old woman. 

There have been 10 suicides in the Grand Canyon over the last four years, making it the most “popular” in recent years.  This year, there have already been 18 suicides reported in national parks.  No one is always sure what the reasoning is for those who choose to take their own life, let alone how they choose the venue, but surely those who choose the national parks are truly looking for peace.  Read the full report here.

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