Doug Christie’s Wife Lets Him Die…Almost

christies.jpgNow we may have to confirm this with one of you because we simply can’t believe this could possibly be the truth.  Some of the blogs out there are reporting a mishap with the NBA couple, the Christies.  Supposedly, NBA star Doug Christie and his wife were out eating and he choked on a chicken bone.  His wife, Jackie, calls for help, yet when she gets the attention of a female physician, she doesn’t allow her to help him and begins to pelt the woman with her purse.

 The Christie’s have long been a “controversial” couple.  Several years ago, the New York Times printed a story on their relationship and delved into the “pact” the two share.  For instance, the story details how she attended almost all of his games when he was with the Toronto Raptors, that they re-marry every year, and that he chooses not to look at other women. 

At the conclusion of the choking incident, Doug Christie was quoted saying, “Although I am glad to be alive, I’m equally glad that my wife spared me the indignity of having another woman give me the Heimlich,” he continued. “That would’ve been catastrophic…”  Can this be real?  If it be merely for the entertainment of its readers, the hands down favorite quote from this unbelievable tale comes from the “male” medical student that saved him, Sanjay Mehta.  “I am extremely surprised that this man’s wife did not allow Miss Jordan to save his life,” said Mehta. “If another minute had gone by, he would surely be dead. In my country, this mad woman would have her hands cut off and her vagina sewn shut.”  You read the story and get back to us.  We’ll understand if you need a drink before responding.

9 thoughts on “Doug Christie’s Wife Lets Him Die…Almost”

  1. This cannot even be close to true! If it is, they deserve each other because they’re both nuts.

  2. I wish she had hit me b/c she would have caught a beat down and I would’ve been the one gettin’ all of his money. AND…he’s just as stupid as her b/c he feels that she reacted in the right way. Ain’t that much coochie in the world that would make a man or ‘boy’ say that crap. No real man would even let that go down. She would’ve been served w/ the divorce papers as soon as they got home!!! I hope she hasn’t reproduced…if so, Lawd, help the world we live in!!! She’s just as stupid as John McCain!!!

  3. Funny story but completely false! Check it out in SNOPES. It’s totally for satirical purposes. Made me laugh…

  4. It is NOT real….I did the research and the article was actually published on July 20, 2004 on site…They state at the bottom of the article the following disclaimer: Copyright 2003, The Brushback – Do not reprint without permission. This article is SATIRE and is not intended as actual news.

  5. A few years ago I saw something about them 2. She was on t.v. talking about how she travels to all her husbands basketball games. The show was saying she does that because she is so jealous and worry about the women groupies. Also the show emphazied how possessive and controlling she is. I was like, “Oh my God!”

  6. I think Doug Christie needs to convert to the Islamic religion and start wearing a burkha so the women don’t see him, better yet even wear a veil like Michael Jackson’s kids to protect their identity.

  7. The link provided does not work so if it is true, I’d LOVE to be able to read it for myself( I have a drink ready)

    personally, unless it is documented that a woman could not save his life, I’d divorce and sue her for something…almost letting me die. That’s a constitutional violation of SOME sort, isn’t it? LOL….

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