Obama Shuns the Muslim Community?

ellison-and-obama-2007.jpgIf you’re asking yourself, “What’s in a name?”  You may want to examine Barack Hussein Obama’s.  Because for some strange reason, the American people have gotten the idea that because his name sounds like an Arab’s, looks like an Arab’s, he must be a Muslim.  (Are all Arabs Muslim?) The man has turned himself inside out to prove that he is a christian, but it appears while doing so, he has offended some Muslims along the way.

You may remember Keith Ellison (D-Rep.), the first Muslim elected to Congress.  He is an Obama supporter, yet he has felt a bit pushed aside by his campaign as well.  He doesn’t blame Obama for, what appears to be, a slight when it comes to his support of the Muslim community.  He’s pointing the finger at Obama’s aides in his camp.  The New York Times reports that an aide came to “visit” Ellison regarding him speaking on Obama’s behalf at a rally being held at a mosque and they asked him to “cancel the trip”.   Sounds like mafioso style muscle right?  It gets better.  Ellison said the aide said to him, “We have a very tightly wrapped message.”

We just discussed in a recent story how campaign volunteers told two young Muslim women that they could not be seated behind the stage where they could be televised wearing hijabs.  They were told there were no head scarves or hats permissible behind the stage.  The New York Times gives a full report on Obama’s alleged snubbing to the Arab community.  Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Obama Shuns the Muslim Community?”

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  2. “The world trade center was destroyed by muslims in the name of their religion.” – A lot of horrible things have been done “in the name of” Christianity, too. So we shouldn’t have Churches, right? THESE people do not agree that that the 9/11 attacks were done in the name of Islam, so why punish them because OTHER people said

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