Vegas Gets “Interactive”

Microsoft and Harrah’s Interactive TableImagine for a moment that you’re in the city where your secrets are safe and as a part of your many guilty pleasures, you sit down at a bar table at Rio Hotel and Casino and proceed to have your every wish fulfilled…well some cool stuff is made available to you.  Your table takes your drink order, turns on your favorite YouTube video, lets you play a few games then gives you access to a cutie to “Flirt” with  across the room (that’s sure to be one of the secrets you leave behind). 

Well imagine no more.  Microsoft and Harrah’s Entertainment have come together to develop this interactive bar table for your Vegas enjoyment.  The table has the “Flirt” program that allows customers sitting at one of these tables in the lounge to “see and chat with each other, take and e-mail pictures and even trade cellphone numbers.”

Like it?  Check out all the details.

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