Muslims Not Welcomed At Obama Rally?

Shimaa Abdelfadeel      Hebba Aref

Obama is anti-muslim?  Nah! Couldn’t be.  He is being labeled as such though after his latest rally in Detroit, Mi., where Al Gore gave a stirring endorsement speech for the Democratic Presidential candidate.  The rally started on a sour note for a couple of muslim women who were there in time to be in prime seats behind the stage.  But they were not asked to sit.

In fact, the women, Shimaa Abdelfadeel and Hebba Aref, were shunned by campaign volunteers because of their head scarves known as a hijab.  The Barack Obama campaign is an all inclusive deal.  The candidate, being the first black democratic presidential candidate, seems to completely disassociate himself with anything that is not inclusive of all.  He stands on a sort of “rainbow coalition” of a campaign…forgive us Jesse.  But, he has asked for forgiveness from so many people you wouldn’t be surprised to catch him in the middle of the street joining hands with innocent bystanders singing Kumbaya.  Enough is enough.

Read the full story from the Detroit Free Press here.

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